Are Your Cannabis Products Clean?

The vaporizer products produced by Terrapin are either sourced solely from the cannabis plant itself, as is the case in Pennsylvania, or using approved and verified botanical terpenes that provide flavor and aroma. These ingredients have been researched and vouched for. We extract from cannabis flower that is treated only with state-approved pest management practices. After purification — which minimizes the risk of lung irritation — we are left with a distillate to which we add terpenes, or light plant oils. The process leaves us with crystal-clear ingredients used in our Double Bear vape products.

If you have any questions about Terrapin's commitment to our patients, please contact us.



At Terrapin, we disclose all of our ingredients by listing them on our package labeling which is then verified through third-party testing. Many of Terrapin’s vape products are created 100% from our in-house grown cannabis. There are two main ingredients, high purity THC and/or CBD distillate and high-purity terpenes for flavor.


All of our vaporizer products are 100% cannabis derived or sourced from ingredients that have been verified through third-party testing and reputable companies. At Terrapin, we use state-approved pest management practices. Demand transparency from your cannabis producers.


Press Releases

Terrapin Leads Pennsylvania in Medical Marijuana

Vaping Transparency provides patients with information on where their vaporized products come from; welcomes questions on health and safety

CLINTON COUNTY, PA — Dec. 8, 2021 — Terrapin is encouraging Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients to visit, a consumer website with information about the ingredients used in Terrapin’s medical marijuana vaporized products.

Terrapin is consistently held as a national model for the production of high-quality medical cannabis, calling for transparency throughout the industry.

"Terrapin takes the transparency of our products seriously," said Chris Woods, founder, owner and chief executive of Terrapin. "Patients should know with confidence that in Pennsylvania all of our vaporized products are 100 percent cannabis derived."

On November 16, the Pennsylvania Department of Health required all Pennsylvania producers to resubmit for approval the ingredients used in medical cannabis vaporized products. Terrapin happily complied with the request for ingredients, which the company also lists on package labels. Terrapin first launched in 2019 to provide information about its regulated vaporized products.

Nearly half a million Pennsylvanians rely on medical cannabis to relieve a variety of conditions, including children suffering from autism and epileptic seizures, seniors with glaucoma and Parkinson’s disease, and countless others who have been diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Huntington’s disease. For these patients, transparency on the health and safety of products is critical.

The Terrapin brand is found in more than 96 percent of Pennsylvania dispensaries. Its vaporized products are sourced solely from the cannabis plant itself in Pennsylvania. All ingredients have been researched, approved, and listed on the product label. "We want to offer information and confidence to consumers that Terrapin products are safe and tested," continued Woods, "The health, safety and confidence of our patients are paramount to our mission as a medical cannabis company."

About Terrapin
Operating out of Clinton County, Terrapin is one of the first 12 initial recipients of a Pennsylvania medical cannabis grower/processor license. The company is consistently held as an industry model for patient-focused cultivation and production of high-quality medical cannabis. Terrapin also has operations in Colorado, Michigan and Missouri. For more information, visit Follow Terrapin on Facebook and Instagram.